Acoustic functionality combined with beautiful design in OAK ACOUSTICS panels, where wooden slats with acoustic felt solve the problems of acoustics in modern interiors by using the principles of sound absorption and diffusion.



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Modern design is not only what you see, but also how comfortable you feel in the interior

The impersonal feeling of a minimalist interior is often caused by poor acoustics, sound reflections, echo and reverberation.

OakAcoustics slat wall panels create a cozy environment for a better music listening experience, a more comfortable movie experience or a more pleasant conversation environment.


Why should you choose OakAcoustics slat walls and lamella ceilings?


Have you ever wondered why a modern interior in which you do not see any design flaws can feel impersonal and uncomfortable?

You don't see what causes it, but you only subconsciously hear it. It's the long echo and reverberation, in other words bad acoustics. Simply, the sound is similar to the one in a bathroom or a cave.

There are no absorbers and diffusers that would absorb and weaken the sound reflections.

Watching a movie, listening to music, talking, working, or just calling in a room with echoes causes stress.

Even the best sound equipment will not play perfectly when the sound bounces off hard empty surfaces and is delayed in tenths of second.




To achieve modern interiors without room echoes, we have created OakAcoustics, a solution that combines acoustic improvement and a modern lamella design

Speed of sound 350m / s i.e. the larger the room, the more noticeable the delays.

The picture shows the reflections of sound waves in a room without sound absorption and diffusion.


The acoustics in a modern minimalist interior without absorbers and diffusers are characterized by a long reverberation.

With OakAcoustics lamella walls, you don't have to deny modern minimalist design and worry about echoes.

Today, wooden slats for walls and ceilings belong in the modern interior. OakAcoustics panels effectively perform an acoustic function, so that you feel really cozy.

The placement of sound absorbers and diffusers significantly improves room acoustics. This function is partially fulfilled by carpets, curtains, sofas or other decorative items made of absorbent materials.

An extremely effective solution is purely the installation of absorbing acoustic panels, which absorb sound and thus stop the reverberation.


By combining the acoustic panel as a sound absorber with the oak lamellas as a sound diffuser,
OakAcoustics were created.

The picture shows the scheme of reducing sound reflections and echoes just by adding one acoustic wall


Why did we create OakAcoustics lamella panels?


One solution for two priorities ACOUSTICS and DESIGN in a minimalist modern interior

ACOUSTICS - improving the acoustics of modern interiors exists in the form of acoustic felt, or alternatively using a number of natural absorbers (carpets, curtains, bookcases .... plushies:)

Although these are functional solutions, their design must be taken into account. In other words, it can be reconciled with, but we were able to solve the question of design too.

DESIGN - a very popular interior element in today's modern interiors are wooden lamellas on the wall.

However, they mostly lack real function and are placed into interiors only for decorative reasons, we decided to change that.

We combined oak wooden lamellas and acoustic panel made of PET felt to create OakAcoustics, which combines DESIGN and FUNCTIONALITY in one product.

DESIGN of OakAcoustics panels

wooden oak slats in an infinite number of shades

FUNCTIONALITY of OakAcoustics panels

acoustic panel connecting absorber and diffuser, panel also acts as a sound insulator

- the sound absorber absorbs unwanted reflections of sound waves

- the sound diffuser breaks and weakens the sound waves


- sound-insulating material

Our oak lamella panels are ready-made for easy and quick DIY assembly from large parts.


Why is there a lot of bad acoustics in modern interiors?

The modern style of living in spacious interiors with a minimalist design suffers from a shortcoming that is invisible but often heard. Large hard flat surfaces cause a lot of echoes which can be uncomfortable and distracting.

The sound bounces off such surfaces hundreds of times per second at a speed of 350m / s. If the room is large, the echoes and reverberations are all the more audible.



 How to improve interior acoustics?

You may experience a surprise at the difference in the sound of a new hifi or home theater in your own room compared to the listening room.

Why is that so?

The interior that doesn´t take acoustics into consideration, reflects sounds without sufficient weakening and scattering, so the sound wave travels around the room hundreds of times and you hear its reverberation.

Ideally, the sound goes directly from the source to the listener and does not return through various reflections. In a normal interior, this is not be entirely possible, but it is possible to approach the ideal state by placing sound absorbers on the walls.

The picture shows the diagram of the room with all the acoustic walls, the sound goes directly to the listener without reflections.

To significantly improve the acoustics, it is sufficient if the acoustic elements are present in the room in just several suitable places. At a speed of 350 m / s and a number of reflections, the sound wave finds an absorption surface to be absorbed in and a diffuser to break in.

How does the OakAcoustics acoustic panel work?


We have integrated oak lamellas with gaps into the acoustic absorption PET panel so that it serves as an absorber and diffuser in one. The acoustic PET panel absorbs some of the sound waves. Oak lamellas act as a diffuser and break the direction of the reflections.

The room equipped with OakAcoustics panels dramatically changes the acoustic properties even when installed on small areas such as behind the TV in the following diagram.

Placement behind the TV as in the picture absorbs the returned sound waves reflected from the wall behind the listener. They will not return to the listener late, which will dramatically reduce reverberation and improve the acoustics of a standard living room.


What are the design options for the OakAcoustics lamella panel?

The modern lamella design was as important to us as its sound properties, so the gaps are the same and the lamellas in 2 width variants. We know that different gaps and lamella widths can be used for better sound diffusion, so you can also order separate lamellas and panels for your own panel designs, with which you can create your own acoustic panel by mixing lamella widths and gaps.

The standard collection of finished panels produced by us consists of a combination of:

- PET acoustic panel in 2 shades as a wall background

- oak slats in 2 widths

- 10+ shades of oak in standard brushed solid wood

- to order texture of sanded, heavily brushed or hand-burnt oak slats

---- ----------------

TOGETHER we offer at least 40 different designs + designs tailored to our floors

40 = 2 wall shades x 2 lamella widths x 10+ shades



How to install acoustic lamella panels?

Assembly of a pre-prepared lamella panel is one of the significant advantages of our OakAcoustics product. Mounting 20 oak slats (1.5 m2) on the wall with precise gaps with only one panel instead of mounting one piece of board will save a lot of time and thus resources.

Installment methods:

- hanging easily detachable EASY system

- EASY system combined with grate

- wall gluing (Mamut type glue, etc.)

- screwing directly into the wall

- screwing directly into the grate with air gap (acoustic class A1)

- screwing directly into the grate with filled RockWool gap (acoustic class A0, highly soundproofing)

The panels are supplied in 2 dimensions to the exact size and are adjusted by cutting. Cuts along the length are possible with a knife, cross cuts with a saw.

Special wooden skirtings can be ordered for details on request.

How to use lamella panels as a sound insulation?

Although OakAcoustics panels themselves have good sound insulation properties, they can be further improved by installation.

1. Mounting the lamella panel directly on the wall by gluing or screwing

2. Mounting on a grate with an air gap


3. Mounting on a grate with a gap filled with mineral wool, e.g. RockWool
In this way, maximum sound insulation properties are achieved, which are also suitable for a recording studio.




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